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Women's House of Peace

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This is the beginning of a website that will evolve rapidly. (updated 7/ 4/15 11:08)

Who we are:

House of Peace (HOP) was founded in 1997 as a grassroots women empowerment program managed by a staff of professional Palestinian women, advised by Palestinian academic experts, and enjoying the consultation of international organizations that support and reinforce Democratic institutions in Palestinian society in the West Bank in general and in marginal areas in particular.

Mission Statement:

HOP is a non-profit, non-partisan, non-governmental Palestinian organization founded in the town of Kharbatha, working to build and strengthen the foundations of women’s participation in all aspects of Palestinian society and democracy awareness, specifically among Palestine women, and to develop Palestinian women organizations.


  1. To work for the protection and promotion of the rights of children and the elimination of all forms of exploitation and discrimination against children;
  2. To increase citizens’ awareness of women empowerment, ideas and institutions;
  3. To develop women leadership skills and enhance the role of women in Palestinian society within their community;
  4. To encourage local organizations to play a role in the process of public policy decision-making, in order to enhance woman participation through responsive and accountable governance;
  5. To enhance the ability of Palestinians to face the challenges of building a Democratic, participatory, civil society. This will be achieved by working with various bodies such as civil society organizations, youth groups, women's and professional associations, and private sector organizations as well;
  6. To promote active and constructive peace building processes with Israeli and international partners;
  7. To grow peaceful coexistence through the development of tools for promoting mutual understanding.

Our History

In June 2005 HOP was formally established as an independent Palestinian organization and was registered in Ramallah on May 2, 2005. HOP is registered as a non-profit organization in the Palestinian Authority pursuant to the Law of NGOs signed by then-President Arafat in February 2000.

What We Do:

The activities of the HOP are focused on the following areas:
  1. Empowerment of Women (through discussion sessions and workshops);
  2. Training and capacity building;
  3. Town Hall meetings;
  4. Civil work;
  5. Studies and research

How We Work:

HOP is committed to principles of equality, transparent organization, and the empowerment of all people to contribute to women's growth in social, legal, economic and political matters.

Our Management
Ms. Aziza Arman - Chairperson of HOP
Mr. Abdulrahim Khalil - PRs coordinator of HOP
Our Staff
Ms. Safa Qandeel - Accountant
Ms. Nosayba Hamoda - Project Coordinator
Ms. Sawsan Ayad - Secretary
Ms. Ansaf Omar - Volunteers

Location and reason this area was chosen to work in:

Our center is based at the town Kharbatha Al Harthia, a district of the city of Ramallah (situated about 25 km away). We have chosen this town because of its suffering from ignorance of, and shortcomings in, the provision of social services. Also because it is surrounded by 12 other villages and is easily accessible from them. The inhabitants of this vulnerable area reach 55,000. The majority of the people here are peasants, living in abject poverty.

This region suffers from serious problems that threaten the stability and prosperity of its inhabitans, such as weakness of public services, economic dumping, violence against women and children, including 'honor' crimes, forced pregnancy, and lack of health care.

We firmly believe that education, raising awareness, and improving the economic circumstances in this area, are among the most effective means of rebuilding the residents' dignity, and giving them a constructive role to perform in building local civil society.

Our call for action:

Sometimes one person inspires a movement, or his words do some decades later. Sometimes a few passionate people change the world by starting a mass movement that stirs up millions. The same outrage or idea can bring about change – like a change in the weather. These transformations begin in the imagination. As hope. To hope is to gamble – to bet on future possibilities. An open heart and uncertainty are better than gloom and safety. Hope can be dangerous, but it is the opposite of fear, and gives one better possibilities for life.

Contact person: Abdulrahim Khalil, Public relations coordinator
telephone: 059-979-8319 or 054-672-3184

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