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Resources for Study

Social, networked executive finds perfect company 2/ 3/12April Demboskyft.com
Fighting Congo’s Ills With Education and an Army of Women 2/ 6/11Jeffrey GettelmanNYT
Why Sisterly Chats Make People Happier10/25/10Deborah TannenNYT
Pakistani Woman Who Shattered Stigma of Rape Is Married 3/17/09Salman MasoodNYT
An African Crisis for Obama11/16/08Jim HoaglandWP
Rape Victims’ Words Help Jolt Congo Into Change10/18/08Jeffrey GettlemanNYT
In Poverty And Strife, Women Test Limits10/ 6/08Carlotta GallNYT
A Heroine From the Brothels 9/25/08Nicholas D. KristofNYT
Tortured, but Not Silenced 8/31/08Nicholas D. KristofNYT
Saudi court ups punishment for gang-rape victim11/17/07Saad Abedine and Mohammed JamjoomCNN
Ruling Jolts Even Saudis: 200 Lashes for Rape Victim11/16/07Rasheed Abou-AlsamhNYT
Japan Needs Fewer Beauty Queens, More Pioneers10/10/07William PesekBloomberg News
Rape Epidemic Raises Trauma of Congo War10/ 7/07Jeffrey GettlemanNYT
A Woman Wrongly Convicted and a U.S. Attorney Who Kept His Job 4/16/07Adam CohenNYT
You, Too, Can Be a Banker to the Poor 3/27/07Nicholas D. KristofNYT
Steel Grey Men Who Don't Blink 1/ 1/07Carl HouseBelovedCommunity.info
Punished for Being Female11/ 2/06Bob HerbertNYT
How to Avoid Honor Killing in Turkey? Honor Suicide 7/16/06Dan BilefskyNYT
Beyond Victimhood: Women's Peacebuilding in Sudan, Congo and Uganda 6/28/06 Crisis Group
Lowly Status of Women in a Land Struggling to Rise 4/ 5/06William GrimesNYT
Mother of a Nation 4/ 2/06Nicholas D. KristofNYT
Trafficking In Women and Children 8/ 9/04Nimfa Cuesta Vilches 
How a Seed-Money Loan of $60 Turned Melanie Pico Into an Entrepreneur 7/ 8/03AndrĀS MartinezNYT
A Champion of Women, and a Defender of Girls 2/ 8/03Howard W. FrenchNYT
Long in Dark, Afghan Women Say to Read Is Finally to See 9/22/02Carlotta GallNYT
Account of Punjab Rape Tells of a Brutal Society 7/17/02Ian FisherNYT
Behind the Veil: Women Subtly Fought Taliban11/19/01Amy WaldmanNYT
Militancy; Living in a World Without Women11/ 4/01Barbara CrossetteNYT
AIDS Epidemic Takes Toll on Black Women 7/ 3/01Kevin SackNYT
Harsh Chinese Reality Feeds a Black Market in Women 6/25/01Elisabeth RosenthalNYT
Women In Ancient Christianity: The New Discoveries Karen L. Kingwww.pbs.org/wgbh/
Nation Building   
Love Song   
Leslie Streeter Scott Zervitz   

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