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Rousseau, the 18th-century philosopher who wrote one of the most influential works of Western political philosophy, considered women incapable of playing a role in public life. Their education had one purpose: to please men, be useful to men, educate and take care of men and make men's lives ''easy and agreeable.'' Women were, in short, ''the sex that ought to obey.'' (Elaine Sciolino) smuggorilla With expanding reproductive choices, we can expect to see more women choose to reproduce without men entirely. Fortunately, the data for children raised by only females is encouraging. As the Princeton sociologist Sara S. McLanahan has shown, poverty is what hurts children, not the number or gender of parents. That’s good, since women are both necessary and sufficient for reproduction, and men are neither. (Greg Hampikian) avatar
NancyKarlsruhe1960c Another tradition holds out "A perfect woman, nobly planned, To warm, to comfort, and command" (William Wordsworth). I believe our magical possibilities will prevail. While in many parts of the world the status of women is far less than our best possibilities, and Sciolino's observation of contemporary politics is appropriate, I believe Hampikian's observation is useful for expanding our possibilities and moving us towards justice. And, I cannot believe that the magic of love that lots of us have known will not grow to be more our essence. lionbliss

Men, Who Needs Them? 8/24/12Greg HampikianNYT
Socializing Around 'The Social Contract' 7/ 5/12Elaine SciolinoNYT

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